The Move

Do you often wonder if your pets could talk to you, what they would say? There are so many times I look at our dog Patches, who is mixture of Chihuahua, Shi Tsu, and a Terrier. In the time we have had her she has been very loyal to us and for the most part very active and healthy. But here in the last couple of years she has lost interest in playing with us and she is not as active as she was when we first got her. We also noticed that she has been putting on weight in the last year. We just got done putting down our little Puddles who was a miniature Chihuahua and now we may have to do the same with our beloved Patches. Our vet believes that she may have Cushing’s disease but we won’t know unless we have the test done which is $400. You wonder which is more expensive having kids or having pets? If you ask me I say they equal out to be the same especially when it comes down to medical expenses. Do not get me wrong I love my pets with all my heart and I would give my life for anyone of them. They mean that much to me. I just wish they could talk to you to let you know what is going on with them. How they’re feeling and what we can do to help them. Nobody wants to put down a pet of theirs. It is not an easy thing to do. Once you have one like we have ours they become a big part of your life and it’s hard to let them go but you don’t want them to suffer either. To me that is what our Patches is doing but she has no way of telling us that, but laying around and being her quiet self she is now. This is a hard decision to make especially when they are your only children you have.

On top of worrying about what to do with our Patches, my wife and I are facing the dreadful move again. My wife’s new job is the first grade teacher at a Charter School in Layton, Utah that she accepted. We were hoping that she would find another position close by but it was leaning more to being a place in Utah that we’d be moving to.

Now we are faced with getting the house up to par to put on the market to sell. Then trying to find something to buy in Layton that we can afford to get into in Utah. All this just adds more stress to moving because I am one that does not handle a lot of stress very well. The more stress that gets piled on me the more I get overwhelmed with things. Worrying about how we’re going to get this done, and this completed with the limited budget that we are on. I hate the moving process because it disrupts my comfort zone and everything in the house gets disrupted and out of place that it becomes a place that I am not familiar with. I cannot find anything and I panic over the smallest things out of place or I cannot find. I feel my whole world start to turn upside down and there is nothing that I can do. I am afraid that we will sell our home here and we will never be able to afford another home of our own. To rent down in Utah is like throwing your money out the front door. I cannot see how people can afford the rent down there. Let alone here in Idaho. For what you pay in rent you can buy a house for the amount it costs you to rent a small three bedroom apartment.

We are not willing to give up our children to rent an apartment. I’d rather live in a cardboard box or my vehicle than to give up my four legged critters. They are our children that we cannot have and I will not give up one of them. I will live homeless before giving up them. What are we going to do? Well we are trying to find some different options that we can do here on our end with this house. We are looking into seeing if we can rent this place. We are looking into getting help in finishing the remodeling stages of the home that we started and selling the house right out. If we do this the most we can get for the house according to our realtor is $92,000. This is about what the houses are going for around this area right now.

When moving you have to love it when it comes time to uproot yourself and your family and move them to a whole new state. Leaving behind friends that you have made around the town that you were hoping to settle down in and make a life in. But somewhere in those dreams and plans they got disrupted by one or both of you and are relocating to a new town for a new career with a new employer. Your kids are hating you for making the choice you made. They grumble and complain underneath their breath but eventually they come around when that girl or boy walks in front of them that catches their attention. They come home and thank you for the move because if they didn’t move they would never have met him or her. Then there’s couples like my wife and I; we get comfortable where we are and things are looking good for us and then we get the blow one day and we are facing looking for employment again. This means that we may have to relocate to a new town or city wherever the job takes you. Then that day comes and you’re in the middle of getting stuff packed and ready to move on top of making sure you have another place to move into when you arrive in the town. Then you are faced getting the house you’re living in ready for realtors to show to their clients hoping that it won’t take very long to sell so you have something to put down on the new house, if you can get enough from the sale. Then you’re looking at your credit score and see that it is a mess again so you’re trying to repair the damage you did to your credit score so that you qualify with the lender that you are borrowing the money from.

This piles on to all the other crap that you are so stressed out about that you’re ready to find the nearest rock to crawl underneath and hide from all the crap that you’re dealing with in your life. Oh, yes we all love the moving stages of life. That depends on how many times you have moved in your lifetime. If you’re like me this was the very first time I felt like this was the last time I would have to see another packing box to move again. Wrong! I was wishing too hard because the Lord knew better than to make that true for me. I was hoping that this would be the last move I had to do for a very long, long time. I am really tired of seeing moving boxes and loading and unloading moving trucks and trailers because I have to move again.

Moving means establishing yourself again as a resident, especially if you move to a new state. You have to go take the driving test again to get your driver’s license for that state. You have to establish a residence for yourself and family. Get to meet your new neighbors if they are going be friendly or going to hate you the whole time you live there. Establish your electric bill, gas bill (if your house requires the use of natural gas), garbage and sewer, and whatever else you have to do to establish yourself as residents in the town. You have to worry about if people are going to accept you for who you are.

Moving is not fun nor is it a pleasure that anyone enjoys doing in life. If you do you really need to have your head examined because really there should be a limit to how many times a person can move in a lifetime. Making a career out of moving all the time doesn’t make sense whatsoever. I count how many times I moved as a child and as an adult… I have moved too many times. I am ready for a permeant stay in one place for awhile.

I am hoping that this will be the final move we make for a long while. Because I am not looking forward to moving again for a long time after we get done with this move. I am done moving my body all over the United States, even if it’s been only to four or five States. Where we will be in the future that is yet to be said. We have no clue where we will be moving to. Our stuff for the time being is going into a storage unit down in Layton, Utah until we decide where we will be moving to down there. For now my wife will go down first to start her new job and then I will follow after I get the house project complete and the house sold. Until that time it is up in the air where we will be relocating to next. But we are moving, that I do know, because my wife already has half the house packed and ready to move out here in the next week or two. The fun has just began for the both of us. Who enjoys moving? Leave your comments below.

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