When It Rains It Pours

Like the old saying goes,”When it Rains It Pours!” Well for my wife and I that’s what it seems like to us this month. That it has rained down on us like it is pouring buckets of problems one after another. Between trying to get ready to move we have to finish up the remodeling job that we have started three years ago. Due to my wife losing her job and being out of work until recently we had it on hold. Dealing with this project we had to make one of the hardest decisions that owners have to do when it comes time for making life decisions for your pets. We had to make a decision to put our beloved Patches down this month due to her having Cushings disease. This is one of the hardest things that we had to do. We have had her since she was a puppy and she became part of our home. Not having her around has left an empty spot in my heart and our home. Then on the same day we put her down our cat Cookie came up missing for two days straight and we didn’t know what had happened to her. She showed up on the third day and when my wife came home from work on Thursday she noticed that Cookie was not walking on her one back foot. She got to looking her over and found she had several other wounds on her. We have decided no more letting our cats outside. We do not want them getting hurt or find them dead. Then, also on Tuesday, our littlest cat Wheezy, I had to go rescue her from a big Tom Cat that was trying to get at her and did get her one foot and the back of her. So we are done letting the cats out.

Then moving stuff down to Layton, Utah where we are moving to. My truck did pretty good on gas mileage pulling a load of stuff down but coming back we seemed to be burning more gas coming home. Well I got checking things out and I have a fuel injector connector that is busted up which will cause the fuel injector not work correctly on carburetor and then I went to check out the plug wires on the distributor cap and the one that I pulled off had a bunch of rust that came with it and now the plug wire won’t stay connected to the cap. I also decided to check the plugs to see what they looked like and they looked like they hadn’t been pulled out and changed since the person bought the truck new. That is how bad the plugs looked like when I just pulled one of them out. My truck is well overdue for a major tune up.

Then I get into my wife’s car and it sounds like it is having a hard time starting. Like it’s overdue for a tune up. Then she just came as I am writing this to tell me the check engine light came on. Besides two bald tires and the back cover on the bumper missing on her car we now have her check engine light to deal with.

Like I said before when it rains it pours on us. We never seem to get a break from having an easy life with minor repairs in our life. On top of all this we are trying to play catch up on past due bills and what my wife makes at Walmart is not enough to help out and what I get from SSD every month is not enough to make an honest living. My wife starts a new teaching job in August but that will be barely enough to cover what we are behind and to support two households until we get our house here put back together and sold. Tearing into the ceiling I find I have a beam that is a very warped board, the tress that goes across the ceiling. Now I have to deal with this and repair the tress before I can put the ceiling back together. Other than that I have most of the ceiling torn down and just about ready to go back together. Just going to take one day at time to get things going.

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