The Next Chapter

Well we are about to sign off on our house to the new owners that we sold our little cottage in Saint Anthony, Idaho to. On Friday the 4th of October at 1:00 pm we will be meeting up with the escrow company to sign the house over. My wife having taken this first grade teaching position in Layton, Utah has really opened the doors for us. Not only did she land a job at the North Davis Preparatory Academy, I was able to get hired on as a Teacher Assistant (TA) here at North Davis Preparatory Academy. I am loving it and I just found out that all I have to do is clear the background check and pay for transcripts to be sent to the Board of Education and fill out the paperwork and can be listed as a Title 1 teacher which means I could start teaching as soon as I get my certificate from the state of Utah. We are waiting to hear back from the Board of Education on one item of concern that I have questions on; nothing bad just something I need to see what steps I have to take to get cleared to get my license from the state.

Now our journey begins again in finding another home to purchase to call our own. I guess you say ours and the bank’s home until we get it paid off. Right now we are stuck in a one bedroom apartment that I swore I would never go back to after purchasing our first home. But we can never know what the future holds for us nor do we know what Heavenly Father has planned for us once we decided to make our purchase of our own home. All we can do is live in the home and keep up the maintenance on the our little cottage we called home for as long as we lived there. When he calls us to a new calling to have to relocate to another state, that’s when we have find somewhere in our hearts to give in and go with the flow and hope for the best out of the new move. The apartment dwelling is only a temporary situation until you find the home you are looking for. Then you start the process all over again and try and get qualified for a loan so you buy the house that you like and can afford. We found the home we just need to get prequalified for the amount we are looking at purchasing and go through all the paperwork again. In time we’ll be moving out of this little apartment into a house of our own. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be sooner rather than later.

The thing that I found through this whole process of change and moving is that as long as you keep your faith in Heavenly Father He makes sure all is taken care of. It may not always happen when we want to happen but it happens on His time and terms and conditions. This is what we have to remember when it seems things are not going as we planned them to go.

I have started back into school and have just about finished my first class into Master’s program at Arizona State University in Sociology. I’m having a really great time with my class and enjoying what I am learning about. It wakes you up to think about the whole world in general and how our society has formed itself today to see the world we live in. Sometimes I have heartache in the way the white race has treated other minorities throughout time. We are all human and have been created by the same Master of this Universe that we live in that we call earth. What we have forgotten that the veil has made the human race blind to is that no matter what color of skin you and I are, we are all eternal brothers and sisters that once lived together before we came to earth. I don’t think we hated each other then and why should we let a light color of skin define who we are and what we are about. We all are equal in the sight of God the Eternal Father in Heaven. We are all his children, are we not? I believe that we are all His children who were created in His image to be placed here to be tried and tested to see how we would do to follow God the Eternal Father’s plan. This means that we need to love one another as ourselves, and treat others as Jesus Christ taught all who came upon Him in His ministry on earth.

I am not perfect by any means, but I strive to be perfect everyday I walk this green planet. I try to treat those around me as I would want to be treated and help out when I am able to give of myself to others. I may not always do the right things in my life and who does? We all make mistakes and pay the price for the choices we make, but that doesn’t mean we let those that have made mistakes be reminded of them everyday. It is not healthy for you or for the other person. Let it go, forgive them and move on. This doesn’t mean you have to forget it but do forgive them and turn it over to Jesus Christ to deal with the issue. He is the one to handle these jobs so that we can move on with our lives with a clear conscience and a clear mind to move forward in our life. When we can do this it lightens our burdens that we can have peace of mind each day we wake up. Wouldn’t this be nice to have this off your chest and free from the burden that you carrying around with you all this time?

This move I have learned so much about life and what it means to give of oneself to others. Giving up what means the most to you so that person you love the most can fulfill their dreams in this life. I learned what it means to stand by your partner in good times and the bad times. But always being there to help lift their burden a little more so they can accomplish the goals in life. Even if you feel they made the wrong choice or decision in their life, this does not mean you give up on them. You stand by them and continue to support them in every step they take. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is always there for us so why should it be hard for us to stand behind our partner in every decision they make in their life? Isn’t this is what we agreed to do at the altar when we took our vows and even before we said our vows? We made the decision when we chose to make them part of our lives forever. Just think about these words for a little bit.

For now my journey is to move forward with my life and enjoy what I have in front of me for the time being. What do I have to lose but what I have already and this is more than I had yesterday or the day before. So my new journey has started and all I can do is look for another day to come and get out of bed, get ready for the day and do the best that my Heavenly Father expects each day I breathe a new life on this earth. My last words to you is this: appreciate what you today because you may not have tomorrow.

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