Living The RV Life

Gypsie Rose

Living The RV Life

The summer has been busy for my wife and I. We have been spending the summer in our motorhome at my parents’ place in Menan, Idaho. We decided that since we had the means to afford to put in an underground sprinkler system on their 1.5 acre property, we felt it was time to do something about them dragging garden hoses around a 1.5 acre of ground they live on.

For the 1st month we started by digging trenches to lay main lines to attach the sprinklers to. In using the ditch digger to dig the trenches I tore out my shoulder again to the point that I will have to have surgery to repair my shoulder. I am waiting to have the surgery after the summer so I can make sure that I have the sprinklers all in beforehand. What a difference that these sprinklers have made in watering for my parents’ yard. How much greener the yard has become from an even water system. I feel at peace knowing that my parents do not have to drag garden hoses around anymore. This makes it much easier on them. 

Parents Backyard

I have to say this has been the best summer I have spent time with my parents. This has been the greatest joy that I have had with them for a long time. My dad and I have been able to sit and visit without me getting frustrated at him for his opinion on subjects and he has listened to me for the first time in what I have had to talk about in our conversations together. I feel this will be the last time I will be able to spend quality time with him. His health is fading faster than everyone wants to face right know. I can see it and feel it in my bones that the next time we get up here he will not know who we are and not be in as good health as his is now. With everything that seems to be going wrong with him he is slowly passing before us. I feel he knows it too and is trying to get things in order around here before he does go. That way my mother is not left doing it all by herself. 

My dad is in stage 4 kidney failure and is in the last part of dementia, diabetic and he will not keep on his diet that his doctor puts him on. But this has to be up to him. No one can force him to keep his health up. Not even my little sister, who keeps trying to get him to eat healthier when she comes up and visit them. Our dad knows that my little sister means well but she needs to back off and let him live his life the way he wants to. You have to love him for his wisdom and strength that he puts out to be able to make it through every morning and make the best of each day he has left on this earth.

Gypsie Rose

This year has been rough on our family. We have lost 6 people so far this year. We just got done burying my Uncle Dick who was fighting for his life with cancer, then they found tumors in his brain. From this point he went downhill fast and then passed away this month. I had to deal with his death and trying to finish up the sprinkler system for my parents, then in my last week of my first class for the summer and finished the class with an ‘A-‘ in the course. My goal is to keep up my grades with passing the rest of my classes that I have to take to complete my master’s program with at least an ‘A’. 

The one thing that we are facing in our RV is a leaking window and a leaking roof. With the rain that we have been getting we have had to put a tarp over the roof and window until we get nice weather to be able to seal the roof and window up. What you have to go through to maintain an RV and decide to live in one full time. I am glad that they have come out with tip outs in the RVs that they are building today. Living in an RV that has no tip out in it makes it feel like you’re in tight spaces. They are okay when going for a weekend but to live in one full time you’ve got to have the tip out in your RV to feel like you are not living in a closed box. 

I have enjoyed my time at my parents’ house camping out in their back yard. We tried to convince them to turn part of their property into a summer RV parking spot and they feel it was too much to take on. I would be willing to manage the spaces for them. I mean it’s all set up back here, all they would really have to do is run separate hook ups for water, sewer, electricity and they have all this out here already. Just a matter of running underground lines to the camping spots and then just maintain them throughout the summer months. But they weren’t buying into the idea. Believe me if I could afford to buy the place from them I would have done just this to the side of the property that they have. Menan, Idaho is a quiet town outside of Idaho Falls and Rigby located in Jefferson County seat. Very small community but very loving people out here. It has been wonderful to be packed out back of my parents house this summer and get to spend the summer with them. I wish we could afford to go to California and spend the whole summer with my mother-in-law. This would be great for both my wife and I to get away from our normal routine and spend it with her mom for once. Having the means to travel that far and the time to be able to go out and visit with her mom and her boyfriend would be great. 

Right now we are either stuck in my parents’ house or the RV because we are getting a lot of rain showers coming down. We are rain birds right now trying to stay dry. The farmers here are appreciating the rain that we are getting. The less they have to fire up those big sprinklers and pay to use them to water their crops the better. For me it’s finding things to do inside to keep busy without spending all my time on video games all day. I do not have a place to do my woodworking so I am minus the ability to spend a lot of time with my woodworking hobby. As for painting and drawing I have to be in the right mind to want to do these and if I am not I do not like doing either one of them. I have my writing that I can work on but this gets me down because I do not have a lot of followers to my blogs and my two books that I published are not doing very good. I am working on another writing project but I have been working on this for a very long time that I will be amazed myself to see the book completed. There are advantages of living in a RV but there are also disadvantages to living in one. Living the RV life may be for some people and for others this kind of living would be too much for them to handle. One thing you have to remember is whatever type of RV you decide to live in full-time you have to remember that the maintenance and up keep is the same as a house is. Some things you can do on your own but other things have to be done in the shop and you have to be prepared for what may come about. There are times you will feel overwhelmed with repairs and problems that may arise but this is the time you have to dig down deep and put faith in God the Father and our Savior Jesus Christ that they help you carry the load that’s overwhelming you at this time.

For me I would not trade this way of living. We are able to come and go and have our own home to stay in when visiting family and friends. Like I said before this way living is not for everyone but if you’re thinking about it or even talking about doing it, my advice to those who are looking into this life style and feel you cannot afford to live out of an RV think again. My advice to you is do not think about it but do it now while you both are around and you can enjoy life the way you like living. Enjoy your life while you both can and are able to travel to the places you want to explore now. You only have one life to live so live it to the fullest in whatever or however you decide to live life. Good luck in your journey in RV living, there is a lot enjoyment from living this way and their is also enjoyment in other ways of living life. But do not be afraid of taking a risk to get what you want in this life. If you wait until you are old enough to afford it you may not get to enjoy all the benefits that come your way. This is your life on this earth, you make the decisions in how you want to live not anyone else. It’s your choice of how you are going to live life. My last thought to you is do not think too hard on what you are going to do, “The more you waiver an idea in your head, the more you will contemplate about doing it.” So go and just do it before you talk yourself out of what you want to do in life. Do not look back and wish you had done that which you wanted to in the first place because you know all to well you had the chance when the thought first came to you. You were afraid to take the first step in achieving that which you decided not to achieve first in your life. Do not let others make your choices because you have the power to freely make them for yourself. Just go do it.

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