Silence About Black Life Matters

I have tried to keep silence about How I have felt about Black Life Matters. I cannot seem to sit idle any longer and continue to watch what they doing to our local communities that I have to speak about my feeling about this topic here and know.

We only watch what is going on through the media. We cannot believe everything we see and read because the media tells what going to sell their network to community they are in. What we see is not the whole truth behind the story that is laid out before us. This why we as citizen need to spend time doing our research behind what the media plays for us.

Then we have our wonderful government that sits in Washington in silence as more and more riots and destruction of these communities get turned up side down.

Their solution to the police brutality is to disarm our law enforcement. Leaving the communities open to getting more attacks on our officers that trying desperately to get order back in their cities and towns that those who call themselves Black Life Matters.

If you want my honest opinion all lives matter. It does not matter what color your skin is. All life matters. Society does owe anything to any body in this world for what happens to race. I do not care if you are African American. Native America, Hispanic, Mexican, and Oriental. We have all be through some sort discrimination no matter what our skin color is.

This Black Life Matters need to try this crap in their own country. If they feel they have so bad here we can send you black asses back to Africa and you deal what your race is dealing with in Africa. Your race has it whole lot better here than in Africa. Least your children are not being drag off and being forced to gone the gorillas like they are in Africa. Yes, you all been target since first African American came over to United States. But you have not had it any worse than any other race in this country.

Black Life Matters keep riots continuing to pledge our cities and towns that they do not give a rats ass about anyone or anything but their black ass and you continue to destorying hard earn tax dollars that you as citizen who works hard for a living and pay your taxes like you should; so that our community will be safe. When our community have people like Black Life Matters that feel spending more time rioting for a injustice cause that was brought upon several bad law officer that decided to take justice in there own hands. We as society takes upon ourselves and start pointing the finger at every law officer are corrupted.

It does not matter if it is race, gender, and color; as society we are fast to point the finger at one certain person who is the blame for the problem, we blame all of group because of one person action against another human being that have committed a crime or is out of the norm in society that whole group is routine to the core.

Then this makes bad on the other part of the group that is not like those who step out bounds and take justice in their own hands because they feel that one less person in that group is here to worry about. One less African American is not on the street to cause harm to others.

That law officer needs to answer to their crimes they committed. We as society need to wake up and realize not to pointing our fingers at everyone in a single group. That when one has made a bad choice that this does not mean all are routine to apple core.

Is the Black Life Matters getting justice by taking upon themselves in destroying private property like they have, with no care in the world but for themselves. That the only thing that matters is the color of your skin. That we are so blind to the nature of the cause. That we are harming our brothers and sisters that it does not matter the color of skin.

God see all things, he knows all things, because He knows all things and hears all things means that he knows you heart and your soul. That we will have to answer to our crimes on this earth whether this be by human laws or Gods laws we will all to answer to our action. God sees all of us as one race in His eyes. There is no black and white in his eyes. That why our four Fathers that when they wrote the constitution that God hands were there helping writing the constitution.

We need to stop and think before we react to any situation that we get into. Does two wrongs make a right in this world. All we are doing is playing right into their hands when react the society has over George Floyd death and other African American who has died in the care of a law officer who took justice in his own hands.

Does this make it right for society to retaliate the way they are. It makes me sick to see social media play upon these riots likes it’s what every American wants to see. There is a right way to fight for justice and a wrong way to fight for it. This way is Lucifers way to bring society down to his level.

This does not mean we as a society in whole group take justice in our own hand. Two wrongs do not make it right in Gods eyes. Jesus Christ teaches us to love thy enemy. Even when we find it hard to do so.

I had to bit what a person my late wife and I offered our home to so that she would have a roof over her head. How did she pay us back by stilling my wife and I drugs and taking my wife life.

If anyone has the right to hate someone that is me. But I have learn with Jesus Christ help I have learned to turn the other cheek and forgive her, but this does not mean I have to for get what she has taken from me. I have turn the Matter back over to God and let Him deal the matter. Jesus Christ taught us, to love thy enemy as thy self. No matter what our enemy has done to us.

Why do think Jesus Christ taught us to forgive our enemy. He teach us this so that we will not allow it to consume our life to have so much hate for that person. We have remember our action upon this earth we will have to answer to in the second coming. Which most people in society does not comprehend this as human beings.

Because if we love our enemies justice will prevail upon those that have done us wrong. We as society needs to wake up and see what we doing to each other.

Lucifer who is about lies and deceit to those who follow him. This is what Black Life Matters this is Lucifer tool to destroy the human race as we now it know. He does not care about who gets to follow him as long as he gets what he wants he will win the battle and we as society is doing a good job of allowing him into our minds when we as society does not see that everyone of us in this world is equal in Gods eyes.

That why he made sure this was put into the constitution. To help us as mortal men know that none of us is perfect in this world. That we all have free agency to choose what we do this life. But what people have forgotten that upon judgement day you will be responsible for your own action.

I know for me I want leave this earth with clear conscience when I depart from this earth life. I am one who see that humanity in this world is created equal in God, Christ, and my eyes that all human race equal. Those that take upon themselves to create havoc in this world only service one master and his name is Lucifer.

They are the ones who do not care that they destroying their hard earn tax dollars that pay for all those police vehicles that they destroying a long with the police station, businesses, and statues that are in their community.

I fully understand the frustration that African American are feeling like today. I do! With those police officer that have taken upon themselves to target the African American community in general. We still have those citizens that still see only black and white in this world. These people need to stop and rethink about how they are reacting to each situation they find themselves in.

Whether justice must prevail in our human world. Justice will come to those who do not repent of their sin or crimes that they have committed. Because God sees all things He knows your guilty or not guilty, but to take justice in tour own hands is not the answer to resolving the issue.

Those that believe they doing just cause by their rioting and protest all you doing is making the matters worse on both parties that are involved in the situation. This is what destroyed our great nation were the people themselves. It wasn’t the leaders that destroyed great nation it is we the people that have destroyed our nation. It is those who have fallen away from the truth that lies within two books that are testament of Christ our savior.

We as society have taken upon ourselves to right our own laws and gone away from the laws that our Savior Jesus Christ has setup for us to follow. We as a society have let the dark cloud of evil to come upon us. In blinding us to truth that lies before us. Until we the people lift our eyes to the Light of Jesus Christ nothing you do will matter in the end. You will all have to pay the price. This may not be know but in the second coming you will face our Savior Jesus Christ again and he will be your ultimate judge on this day he will come.

Your protest tha Black Life Matters is doing is all of Lucifer plan to bring this nation down to his knees. When this will happen all hell will break out and you will all continue to destroy one another until there is no more to fit for. When this happen all that has been prophesied from Paul in revelation will come true and the thing that going to left is a desolate world that is empty with no people on it to fit anymore. This cause is like Hatfield and McCoys feud that carried down the family line. This is what is happening with the African Americans and our police officers. This will never end until our wimpy government get of the dead carcasses and do something about these riots that continue to take place all over our nation.

I grew up during the time of Martin Luther King was fighting for equal rights. I have also done a lot of research on Martin Luther King and learned a lot about him and his ways of protesting back in the 60’s. He was never about violence protesting. He always made sure that they were peaceful protest for his cause. You look at Manson Mandela and his ways of fighting for justice. He never believed in violence. He work with the government to resolve his freedom for his people. Then you look at Gondi and how protest to free his people from bondage. None of these men used violence like Black Live Matters is doing. They remind me of the Black Panthers of late 60’s early 70’s that took upon themselves to take justice in their own hands. Just as Black Life Matters has done today.

It is funny how history repeats itself over and over again because our little bitty human brains cannot pull our heads out of our dead carcasses butt and realize that the passed is the passed. What does African American want from the White man? To get on knees and kiss your little black ass and bend over to your needs. Hell it goes for that my people should put a sign that says Native American Lives Matter. We have lost more lives to the White mans ways than any other race on this continent. We were striped from our land because of white mans greed got in their way that they knew our land was worth more than the gold that sat on it. We have lost so many people to Trails of Tears that you do not see our youth taken up arms against the white man who came far to whip us clean from our home lands to put us reservations and told us that we were not to return to our home lands or we would shot and killed like animals they treat our people and you do not see our people raising up against our American government. We have for century fought for our freedom here in America and learn that it is the color of skins that makes so different than they are. We are the ones that help white man to survive of our lands and taught how to till the earth soul and grow their food. We taught these white man and welcome them into our lands that we could live peacefully among the white man. This dream our four fathers before us hoped too see happen only turned the white man to greed and hatred towards our people that they came for us like we were their cattle and herd us off of our land that we had for many years to have white man came and threaten our very lives with if we did not go peacefully we be killed on the spot. Your race puts up signs that ready Black Life Matter like the whole world owes you something that took place in the past. What your race has not figured as my ancestors and my preppie have learned that is greater to love your enemies than to try and fight against them. At least they never gathered your people up like cattle. Then heard you back to New York and shipped you back your home lands. No they allowed your race to walk free among the white man. The United States Government never came for your race and gathered you up up like a herd of cattle and tell you that either come peacefully or be killed on the spot. Then moved you millions a miles from your home land and put on reservation we’re your race were told is where you live and you cannot leave the reservation. My people have never been free as your Black ass has been free to go as you please because you never forced at gun point like my ancestors where to sign treats to control my people. As I see it is your race has never found peace among you to be grateful for what God has blessed your people with. You can be back in your homeland where there is no clean water, water sanitation and the freedom that you have been given in this great nation you reside in.

This goes for the white man they have never see anyone race equal to themselves and this has caused a great riff in our nation between the white man and African Americans. This will not end until one side decide to turn the other cheek. Both parties are guilty if want to know my opinion on this matter. Not one of your sorry little white and back ass cannot see the light of the tunnel that there will be no justice but a blood bath between white and black and good old Lucifer down below is having a great laugh with both of you. My ancestors made peace with white man long ago and turned it over to Great Spirit in the sky to deal with the way white man treated them. Justice will come those that the wrong they did my people. The Great Spirit will make sure of this. You can forgive but you do not forget what they have done to you. Forgive your enemies and love then as the Great Spirit has done with my people. All lives matter in this world. The Great Spirit as told my people this and I have learned it for myself.

By L.A. White

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